Andy Murray – Winner!

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Andy Murray may not have won anything today, having been knocked out of some competition by some fella somewhere, but that doesn’t stop one of our lucky customers from having bagged a lovely stamp set featuring Andy Murray from his glory days of London 2012. […]

Back in London : Olympics stamps and some news!

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Elena and I are no longer in the Far East. We arrived back in the UK in August and have been absolutely hectic getting ourselves settled back in London. I've got myself a new job and our holiday is effectively over. "But why did you do that?" I hear you ask. Yes we were having a [...]

Envelope experiment part 2

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A while ago, we tried to send this envelope to David Bramwell, who runs the Catalyst Club in Brighton in the UK. Andy spent about 2 hours working on the lettering for the address, and as an afterthought he added a return address on the back before bringing it down to the post office. The [...]

A visit to a Thai floating market

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We're taking a little time out from Hanoi and have come to Thailand. Yesterday our host took us to Amphawa, which is a floating market about 80km from Bangkok. This postcard was handmade by a local artist in the town. It says the name and postcode of the town in Thai and is hand painted. [...]


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