We arrived in Hanoi 5 days ago after a 16 hour grueling trip from London Heathrow and since then we’ve been taking it easy. The jetlag hit us first, and the first 2 days were a total loss. Then, when we finally figured out which way was up and which was down, we made our way out of the house and the humidity and heat took us out again.

We decided early on that this trip would not be one of those “run around and see everything as quickly as possible” trips and so, apart from Hoan Kiem lake, we’ve not seen any of the tourist sights. Instead, I found the local WordPress group and attended a meetup, found a local football side and played a game at 30 degrees C (we lost 2-1) and just acquainted ourselves with the local area and all it’s amazing eateries.

So the first 5 days have not been postcard-making days but when I heard that we had a Tropical Storm coming I couldn’t resist sitting down in our room and making a piece of art


I never need much of an excuse to draw characters from Stan Sakai’s wonderful comic, Usagi Yojimbo, which is a graphic adaptation of the stories of Miyamoto Musashi (among other things). I just love his linework and so I made sure to pack a lot of Sakai’s books for reference in our suitcase.

The reason I chose to draw a piece from Usagi Yojimbo, was because the Tropical Storm that’s headed this way is called Usagi, Japanese for Rabbit and this piece comes from a book called “Seasons”. Kind of appropriate huh?

It’s my first A4 Bristol board piece this year and the first of the trip. Want to own this beauty? Check it out in the shop or just add it to your cart before someone else nabs it!

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An e-learning professional and physics teacher by trade, Andy discovered late in life that he rather likes art. He set up my REAL wall and mailart365 to make and send as much art in the post as possible but spends far too much on postal costs

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