We’re taking a little time out from Hanoi and have come to Thailand. Yesterday our host took us to Amphawa, which is a floating market about 80km from Bangkok.


This postcard was handmade by a local artist in the town. It says the name and postcode of the town in Thai and is hand painted.

While there we had an hour long foot massage and ate loads of seafood.

Elena and I have fallen in love with Bangkok and are now planning how to come over here and live. We’ll likely be moving here soon.



While at the market we treated ourselves to a one hour foot massage on a boat for the price you would buy a pint of beer in London. One of the oddest things we saw there that I thought was worth a mention was this game

2014-03-16 11.33.20

From what I could tell, the idea was that you throw a ball at the heart-shaped lever (you can see it just behind the hosts head) and if you hit it hard enough one of the ladies will fall into a bucket of polystyrene balls!

There’s one that we wouldn’t see in the UK anyway!

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