Elena and I are no longer in the Far East. We arrived back in the UK in August and have been absolutely hectic getting ourselves settled back in London. I’ve got myself a new job and our holiday is effectively over.

“But why did you do that?” I hear you ask. Yes we were having a really relaxing time away from the stresses of London living, but we have some good news…Elena is expecting our first child!

So, I’m afraid that Postcards from Us will be sending from the UK for quite a while. No exotic locations but we do have a HUGE postcard and stamp collection so there will be no shortage of things on the site for you to receive through your letterboxes.

I’ve always illustrated the envelopes for anything that we sell on eBay. We have a few things that needed selling so have listed some more things since getting back, and this is the first thing we’ve sold for a while, which is a set of Olympic stamps from 2012.

Gold Medal rowing stamps

In the envelope, along with the stamps, I’ve also included a watercolour and biro drawing of the stamp, complete with the cut out heads of Denzel Washington, Liam Neeson and others by way of thanks.


Want some stamps of your own? I’ve still got plenty more over in the shop! The illustrated envelope comes for free 🙂

Our sent envelopes set on Flickr