by Andy

February 2015

How to be British Postcards added to shop

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Now that we're back in London, we're adding postcards from London and from our collection to the shop. We've just added some postcards from the "How to be British" series to the site, which cleverly capture the spirit of what it's like to be British in 6x4 inches. Even though we've had these for a [...]

March 2014

A visit to a Thai floating market

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We're taking a little time out from Hanoi and have come to Thailand. Yesterday our host took us to Amphawa, which is a floating market about 80km from Bangkok. This postcard was handmade by a local artist in the town. It says the name and postcode of the town in Thai and is hand painted. [...]

December 2013

The changing educational landscape of Hanoi

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I wrote this card to one of our readers today. The image on the postcard shows Văn Miếu, known to Westerners as The Temple of Literature. The Temple of Literature is a Confucian temple, housing Vietnam’s first national university. Built nearly 1000 years ago in 1070, the temple served as the Imperial Academy until 1779, [...]

November 2013

Paris? WTF?!

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Before coming to Hanoi I’d read a lot about how Hanoi is inspired by Paris, due to the long French occupation. So before I arrived, I was hoping to see lots of people talking French, eating crepes and a building or two that looks like the Louvre. Instead what I found was folk who talk [...]

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