by Elena

February 2015

How to be British Postcards added to shop

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Now that we're back in London, we're adding postcards from London and from our collection to the shop. We've just added some postcards from the "How to be British" series to the site, which cleverly capture the spirit of what it's like to be British in 6x4 inches. Even though we've had these for a [...]

December 2013

Mù Căng Chải and Hà Giang

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We’ve now been here in Hanoi for 3 months and what a time we’ve had. As well as settling down, I’ve found a job working as an e-learning consultant and I make a little here and there doing internet work and Elena has been busily learning to watercolour. It’s been such a relief to be [...]

September 2013

Sunday in Romania

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It’s Sunday in Romania and here in this country most people are still very religious. We are Orthodox Christians and on Sunday that means that we have to rest. Rest means no work at all, or anything that can be interpreted as work. Unfortunately, we have a pile of clothes that need washing and I’m [...]

Store-bought by Elena – Cetatea de Scaun a Sucevei

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We are now staying with my dad in my home town, Tirgu Neamt in the North East of Romania. It's nice to be back home and I am relaxing. Andy is really excited about everything. He's finally got his energy back, which I am so happy about after his last year at work. We've been [...]

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