December 2013

Mù Căng Chải and Hà Giang

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We’ve now been here in Hanoi for 3 months and what a time we’ve had. As well as settling down, I’ve found a job working as an e-learning consultant and I make a little here and there doing internet work and Elena has been busily learning to watercolour. It’s been such a relief to be [...]

September 2013

The first beer mat – King of Beers

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From my experience of Eastern Europe, local bars in small towns and villages are not really a place for the young. Whenever I’ve come to Romania, I’ve tended to avoid drinking in the bars in the small towns I stay in as they are full of old men, drinking their sorrows away and they tend [...]

The bear who was tricked by a fox

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In Romania, like in many countries, they name streets and buildings after the heroes of their culture. Perhaps Romania doesn’t have that many heroes to choose from (or maybe I just don’t know who they are yet), but every town I’ve been in has a Mihai Viteazul school and a Strada Stefan cel Mare (Stefan [...]

Store-bought by Elena – Cetatea de Scaun a Sucevei

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We are now staying with my dad in my home town, Tirgu Neamt in the North East of Romania. It's nice to be back home and I am relaxing. Andy is really excited about everything. He's finally got his energy back, which I am so happy about after his last year at work. We've been [...]

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