Ladies of Vietnam

This little card, featuring girls in the traditional áo dài (long dress) of Vietnam is going off to Portland, Oregon.

The first time Elena and I came to Vietnam, we were both a little disappointed by how few of these we actually see on the streets. In truth, the áo dài is not that popular for everyday wear and is used mainly as uniforms or for photoshoots and most girls prefer to dress in jeans and T-shirt.

However, you’ll often see many ladies in these long dresses when walking around tourist attractions, and Elena and I are still trying to work out why.

We have 2 theories. Firstly, we think that girls dress up to go to places like Hoan Kiem lake and the temple of Literature just so they can get cool photos for the album. Secondly, we reckon that the girls in áo dài are actually being paid by people to make the scenes look “authentically Vietnamese” just by being in them.

I’ll try and get to the bottom of this and will update in the comments when I find out. If anyone know’s the answer to this already, I’d love to know!

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