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  • Little Wu, the restaurant also known in its time as Mr Wu and Mr Au has now closed down in the position advertised on this limited edition postcard, a souvenir from an ever-changing dynamic London landscape
  • Elena and I have just arrived back from Thailand, where we complained about the heat. Poor Elena had to endure the heat during her first trimester of pregnancy and was feeling all hot and bothered in addition to suffering morning sickness, so we headed back to the UK. And guess what we do now? Yup you guessed it...complain about the cold!
  • A book of postcards brings Andy closer to his father-in-law and makes him appreciate the real value of paper correspondence. This one of a kind pair of Connections Cards shows the main hotel in Piatra Neamt from 2 points in time
  • The first Connections Card™ pair, made in Romania at Iasi's Cultural Palace. The palace was undergoing renovations at the time, which means that half of the front facade was covered in drapes, which was a shame, but we don't always have the luxury of a second visit with these things.

    Remember when placing your order to include not only your address but the address of who you want to send the other card to! You get one card, and the other half goes to your nominated person. They're not called "Connections Cards™" for nothing!