We arrived in Hanoi 2 days ago and have mainly been jetlagged. Just before we left we had a couple of postcards to send from London, both to the same person. The person lives in East London, so I decided to post these from Heathrow on the way out to try to give them as much distance as possible to cover

Postcard races from Heathrow

I also love posting from the airports in the UK because they have these really cool plastic postboxes with see-through acrylic backs. It’s a real treat for a postal geek.

First class stork

The idea of these postcards was to try and see if putting a 1st or 2nd class stamp on a postcard made any difference. Historically, 1st class stamps were guaranteed to arrive the next day, whereas 2nd would take more time. I hope the recipient gets these and feeds back!

2nd class thinking

If you are in the UK, why not send 2 postcards to someone you know today and feed back in the comments with what happened for you

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An e-learning professional and physics teacher by trade, Andy discovered late in life that he rather likes art. He set up my REAL wall and mailart365 to make and send as much art in the post as possible but spends far too much on postal costs

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