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Beer mat with no postage


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I heard a rumour, perhaps an urban myth, that if you send a beer mat in the post you don’t have to pay any postage. Personally I don’t believe it, but if you are up for receiving one, I’m up for sending it! Feed back in the reviews whether it arrives or not and whether or not and if you got charged for the privilege.

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I was told a possibly apocryphal tale by a colleague at work and it goes a little something like this.

If you post a beer mat from Australia (or possibly any other Commonwealth country) to the UK, you don’t need to put a stamp on it. I didn’t believe it at first, until that very same colleague went to Australia and sent me a beer mat to my office with no stamp attached.

It arrived. I wasn’t charged a penny.

The reasons for why the UK would require such one-way traffic of beer mats is still unclear, but I want to test out the theory anyway, so if you are up for receiving a beer mat place your order today and I’ll send you one. Now I’m actually not sure whether I’ll go to Australia at all, but if you are prepared to take the consequences of being sent a random beer mat without a stamp, then I’m more than happy to send you one!

Feed back in the reviews whether it arrives or not and whether or not and if you got charged for the privilege and we’ll see if this is an urban myth.

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