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Connection cards – Palatul culturii in Iasi


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The first Connections Card™ pair, made in Romania at Iasi's Cultural Palace. The palace was undergoing renovations at the time, which means that half of the front facade was covered in drapes, which was a shame, but we don't always have the luxury of a second visit with these things.

Remember when placing your order to include not only your address but the address of who you want to send the other card to! You get one card, and the other half goes to your nominated person. They're not called “Connections Cards™” for nothing!

1 in stock

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Elena has long since insisted “NO MORE POSTCARDS” whenever we go to antiques markets, but when we were in Iasi in Romania I managed to use my puppydog eyes on her to bend the rules.

Believe me buyer, you are getting a postcard I worked HARD for! The price tag does not begin to reflect how difficult it is to convince my beloved wife that I need yet another antique postcard!

Anyway, struggles aside, the original postcard was purchased in an antiques fair in the newly opened Palas Centre in Iasi.


The Palas centre is a new and modern shopping mall that opened in 2012 and is the city’s new magnet for the young and cool. Notably for me, it’s the one place in Iasi where there are no signs that say “Nu călcați pe iarbă!” (Keep off the grass).

Elena pointed this out to me, saying “Romanians are still getting used to the idea that they can actually sit on the grass without getting fined”

When we went in to the shopping mall, much to my delight there was an antiques market in the centre selling things from bygone days. There was some cool Russian and slavic memorabilia and some old money as you’d expect but I was naturally drawn to the antique postcard box on one of the stands.

Antiques market in Iasi

As I previously mentioned in a blog post, I have a pile of postcards at home waiting for me, which is why Elena refuses to let me buy any more. As it turns out, the postcard I wanted, dating back to 1966 (it has original stamp on it) was of the Palatul culturii (Cultural Palace), which is attached to the Palas mall (hence the name) so I knew that I was going to be able to complete this one.

As it turns out, it took about 15 shots to get right, as Elena and her sister-in-law stood around chatting. Elena is used to me taking ages to make these cards, but I can’t imagine what was going through Ioana’s head as I shot take after take!

Anyway, that’s enough about this pair. If you want to own this little number, remember that Connections Cards™ come in a pair but when you order them you only get one of the set. The other will be sent to someone you nominate, hence the name “Connection cards™”, so don’t forget to include that person’s address in the notes when you place your order!

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