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Connection cards – Hotel Ceahlău in Piatra Neamț


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A book of postcards brings Andy closer to his father-in-law and makes him appreciate the real value of paper correspondence. This one of a kind pair of Connections Cards shows the main hotel in Piatra Neamt from 2 points in time

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This pair of connections cards is very special to me. The cards themselves were responsible for me making a connection with my wifes father, and in their day, the cards connected Elena’s mum and dad. Let me tell you their story…

When we were in Romania recently we stayed with Elena’s father in his home in the Moldova region, which is in the North East of the country. Even though I speak very little Romanian, it’s no secret that I’m a postcard fanatic and Elena’s father had a little treat for me this time. Tata (as we call him) always speaks Romanian really slowly to me, and I almost always look blankly back. It must be very frustrating to have an almost mute son-in-law.

Having seen that I was working on a project with old postcards, Tata offered to show me his collection.

He delved into the cupboards and pulled out a big book of lovingly preserved old postcards. Each postcard was delicately mounted onto the pages via scalpel-cut notches in every corner and it was obviously a labour of great love.

I’m ashamed to say it now, but when I saw the postcards emerge, my first thought was “ooooh. I wonder which ones I can chop up to add to my collection“. Tata may not have seen the look in my eye, but he opened the book and slowly guided me and Elena through it’s contents, taking out the cards one by one for my wife to read.

Elena translated some of them for me, excitedly saying things like “Wow, this is my mums writing!” and “Awwww look! My dad says how much he misses her!”. It was pure delight.

Tata explained to us (in very slow Romanian) that these were the love letters sent between him and Elena’s mum a great many years ago. Elena’s mum passed away recently, making these even more important. I felt so ashamed that I had ever thought to cut them in half. These were beyond priceless.

We spent a long time reading through these and I learnt a lot about love in the Eastern Bloc, and about how cool my father-in-law is. My favourite was the one that wasn’t actually from Tata, but was from the one we shall call “The other guy”. It read (in Romanian)

“What are you doing seeing this guy? Don’t you know I’m the one for you! I await your reply.

The other guy”


So, I didn’t get to chop up any of my in-laws priceless postal correspondence after all, but somehow there’s still a connections card pair up for sale. What gives?! Well it turned out, that to my surprise, there was a single, unused double in the book. And that double was of the Hotel Ceahlau in Piatra Neamt and Tata drove us there.

Piatra Neamt, is where Elena went to high school and it is lovely. It’s bigger than Tirgu Neamt, more cosmopolitan but still has a small town feel to it. It even has a cable car and a little zoo, which we visited, but Elena and I felt really sorry for the Brown Bear.

As usual, with Connections Cards, the antique and the photo are taken in the same place, or as close as dammit! This one was pretty hard to judge as the trees were really huge!

Connections cards are special – they come as a pair and you only get one! Remember when placing your order to include a second address of someone else who you nominate to get the second card!

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