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L, the worlds best detective created by Takeshi Obata and drawn by Andy Hoang with Faber-Castell brush pen on light card stock

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This character, L comes from the manga series Death note, by Obata and Ohba, in which a teenage genius gets hold of a book from the death gods. This book, called the Death Note, has the power to kill whoever’s name is written in it, including the exact time and cause of death if these are written down.

The main character, Light Yagami, uses the Death Note to kill criminals and sets himself up as “Kira” a cult figure who passes judgement on those who “deserve it”.

However, not everyone appreciates Kira and his quest to wipe out all criminals, and the worlds best detective, L is brought out to solve the Kira case. The L character is my favourite as he’s totally socially maladjusted but brilliantly insightful. As Kira doesn’t know L’s real name he can’t kill him and the story becomes an epic game of cat and mouse as each character tries to outwit the other.

Since coming out to Asia I’ve been catching up on some comics and re-reading some others. Since I got out I re-read Garth Ennis’s run on “Punisher“, which was just as good as I remember it, perhaps even better, and I’ve finished the excellent “Locke and Key” by Joe Hill, who is actually Steven King’s son and is doing a fine job of following his fathers footsteps.

This piece is my attempt at emulating the brilliance of Takeshi Obata. I hope I’ve done him justice

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