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Little Wu, Chinatown


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Little Wu, the restaurant also known in its time as Mr Wu and Mr Au has now closed down in the position advertised on this limited edition postcard, a souvenir from an ever-changing dynamic London landscape

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As a Londoner, I get used to seeing shops come and go. This place, Little Wu went through a number of name changes in it’s years in London’s Chinatown. I originally remember seeing this open as Mr Au, but then it closed, some say for health & safety reasons, others for tax purposes, nobody knows and before you know it, the place reopened under the name Mr Wu. That particular change of identity didn’t cost them too much, being only a single letter out, but then they closed again and reopened under a different name as Little Wu. I’d imagine that the drastic name change prompted them to go on a marketing campaign, hence they produced these limited postcards to spread the word.

Now they’ve closed down completely, although according to, you can still get your fix of dirt cheap Chinese buffet at 28 Wardour Street, where just £5.95 gets you all the Chinese food you can cram into your hungry belly.

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