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September 2013

Adventurer by Andy

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This is a quick sketch of an adventurer for a friend and fellow mailartist, Stripygoose. The adventurer is what I think I look like at the moment, with all this adventure looming. Stripygoose has just embarked on a new 365 project to make 365 birdy postcards this year. I have no doubt it will look [...]

Toadstools by Elena

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I grew up here in the countryside in a little village called Păstrăveni. The name Păstrăveni possibly comes from the word păstrăv, which is a type of mushroom that used to grow abundantly in the woods where the village now stands back in the time of Stefan cel Mare (Stefan the Great), but they cut [...]

Sunday in Romania

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It’s Sunday in Romania and here in this country most people are still very religious. We are Orthodox Christians and on Sunday that means that we have to rest. Rest means no work at all, or anything that can be interpreted as work. Unfortunately, we have a pile of clothes that need washing and I’m [...]

The first beer mat – King of Beers

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From my experience of Eastern Europe, local bars in small towns and villages are not really a place for the young. Whenever I’ve come to Romania, I’ve tended to avoid drinking in the bars in the small towns I stay in as they are full of old men, drinking their sorrows away and they tend [...]

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