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February 2014

B is for bạn

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As I mentioned in my previous post, when I grew up I had very few Vietnamese friends and I only spoke to my parents and grandparents in Vietnamese. This has left me with some deficiencies. In Vietnamese, there is no fixed word for “you” or “I”, but pronouns depend on the relative age of the [...]

027 – Â is for ấy

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I stopped talking Vietnamese when I was about 5 as I grew up in London and my parents wanted me to talk English and fit in, hence the English (albeit Vietnamese-influenced) name. As a result, my Vietnamese is quite stunted and, even though I know some pretty complex stuff, I lack quite a lot of [...]

Ă is for ăn

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Vietnamese uses a modified Latin script for it's writing system, and has 12 vowels which, along with 6 tone markers creates 72 distinct vowel sounds. This is before we even start looking at dipthongs and triphongs. Luckily for me, I find most of the vowel sounds quite natural to tell apart as I spoke Vietnamese when I [...]

A is for Anh

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For as long as Mailart 365 has been running, February has traditionally been "Alphabet month" and so this year, as we're in Hanoi and learning Vietnamese, I thought I'd do the Vietnamese alphabet. The Vietnamese alphabet has 29 letters in it, so I really should have done this 2 years ago as there are one [...]

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