I’m still finding my way around Hanoi, but perhaps the easiest thing about navigating in Hanoi is the main artery  road to our home, which is called Au Co. This postcard is my homage to this road.

Biking Au Co

When you’re in the Old Quarter, if you can get your bearings and figure out which way you’re facing, just head towards the east and you’ll soon hit Au Co, which takes you directly up to our home in Ho Tay.

Au Co doesn’t have a great many things happening on it, but it’s easily my favourite road in Hanoi. Before 2010, the walls along the road were very drab, just grey concrete and graffiti for the whole length. 

In 2007, a group called New Hanoi Arts came up with an idea to make the city a little more beautiful and started making a mural along the road, to celebrate 1000 years of Hanoi in 2010

The project was a huge success and Au Co has now been transformed into a very long artistic mural which makes Elena and I smile every time. In 2010 when it opened, it was the longest mural in the world at 3,850 linear meters. Here are a few pics we took on Au Co recently.

I hear that our little bit of Au Co arrived this morning at it’s destination. It’s a lovely mural – why not come and see it and come and hang out with us while you’re at it!

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