I grew up here in the countryside in a little village called Păstrăveni. The name Păstrăveni possibly comes from the word păstrăv, which is a type of mushroom that used to grow abundantly in the woods where the village now stands back in the time of Stefan cel Mare (Stefan the Great), but they cut the woods down so now only the name remains. Alternatively it may have been that the first person in the village had the name Păstrăvan. Who knows…

One of the reasons for taking a break from work was to go away and have a little more time to learn things that we’ve always wanted to do. Andy wants to learn to cook, code and be more creative, and I want to draw, cross stitch and quill a lot more. Our suitcases are full of pens, paints and paper and I can’t wait to use them all.

My first drawing of the trip is this one, of some mushrooms, in honour of the village of my birth. I drew one of the red toadstools as I find them pretty. I just wish you could eat them as they are so nice to look at!


It’s in pencil and I’m going to leave it in pencil and send it as I like the shades. I just hope it gets there in one piece. Let me know in the comments if you receive it!

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Elena is a quilling fanatic. She's learning to draw and do watercolour and likes to be around nature

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