Tonight I started work on my 365 piece at about 10PM. I have just started following Stan Sakai, creator of Usagi Yojimbo on facebook, and was delighted to see new Usagi pages in his photos. I was blown away by this one though, and had to start drawing it. I’ll be doing various versions of it this week.

008 - Usagi and the Artist

I’ve only been in Hanoi for about 4 months, but it seems that many folk in Hanoi know that I rather like postcards. This is no surprise as I presented a Pecha Kucha talk on my REAL wall project about a month after I landed, and it seems that every English-speaking person in Hanoi went to that talk.


At about midnight, after I’d lain down the pencil lines and was ready to start inking it in fineliner, I got a notification on facebook from one of my new Vietnamese friends. An announcement had been made on the facebook Hanoi Massive group, that read:

“If anyone’s looking for something to give them that warm fuzzy feeling –
A friend of a friend has a terminally ill daughter in Paris who loves receiving postcards from all around the world. If you feel like doing something super wonderful yet super easy, write a friendly message (NOT with any reference to sickness! Just something like “Hello Sohane! We’re sending you big hugs and kisses from

[where + your name]”).

Her name and address:

Sohane Azzouz
31 rue des Messiers

Not silly internet rubbish, it’s all true, my friend is connected with her family.

Cheers Y’all.

and I had been tagged to draw my attention to it. As I hadn’t lain down the ink yet, I figured, shucks why not, and changed the names to bring a smile to a stranger. That’s what the Postcards from us project is about after all. Sending good vibes around the world.

So this one is going to Sohane.

If you have nobody to send to today, why not make someone’s day today and send Sohane a postcard too.

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