Andy and Elena are going to be travelling from September 2013. We’re starting off in Romania then going to Vietnam.


We’ve always loved sending and receiving postcards, (we run my REAL wall and mailart 365) On the way, we’re going to be blogging our trip here and making postcards and we want YOU to have them. However, without jobs we’re going to have to watch the pennies, so we set this site up. The idea is that we’ll be putting our creations up and if you can pay the postage and cost of creation, we’ll send you a postcard from us from wherever we are in the world.

All postcards will have a hand-written message on the back. We’d also be more than happy to send handwritten cards bought from shops if you like and can write custom messages on them if you are sending to friends or trying to pretend that you are in an exotic location when you’re not.

The adventure starts soon and the site is still in testing.


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An e-learning professional and physics teacher by trade, Andy discovered late in life that he rather likes art. He set up my REAL wall and mailart365 to make and send as much art in the post as possible but spends far too much on postal costs

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